About Devops Service

DevOps Service is an initiative of Janak Thakkar, has been working in Cloud Computing space and DevOps Technology for over 10 years. He has worked with many companies like Wipro, EZDI, Infostretch and still working as a DevOps Architect. He has delivered much online and offline training and conducted much training for a company like CMC(Tata).

Our current course offerings are on AWS Cloud, Red Hat, Chef, Docker, DevOps, Cloud Computing Security, Version Control Tool – Git, Jenkins. We are adding more courses that will delve deeper into these subjects.

Devops Service aims to provide high quality competency development services in the areas of Cloud and Automation. Devops Service will leverage the cloud to disseminate knowledge amongst IT professionals. Trainings and Consultancy will be provided by highly experienced engineers, who are working on these technologies for several years. Devops Service aim is to ensure that the competency levels of engineers is increased in the areas of Cloud and Automation Technologies.

Why choose Devops Service?

Expert Teachers

Devops Service faculty has rich industry experience having developed and delivered high class products in their respective areas. They have a proven track record for quality deliverables. Their in-depth knowledge of their domain, their understanding of changing technology trends and their contacts within the industry will enormously help the participants.


Devops Service curriculum will always be up-to-date. The content will be regularly updated to reflect the changing trends and the current trends will be highlighted. This will ensure that the participants are fully aware of how the technology is evolving and what the future holds for the industry.